recording studio

Record 15 minute podcast

Hire our studio, with a trained technician present, who will ensure everything runs smoothly during the recording of your 15 minutes podcast episode, meaning you can focus on making your best work!

Bring a memory stick and we will export your audio in your desired format (editing service available, see below)

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AED 75
+ Add Video Camera
Want to share footage from you podcast on social media and you youtube channel? We will set up video equipment to capture every moment. Make sure to add the “PODCAST VIDEO EDITING SERVICE” below to get professional help with editing different angle shots and sync audio with video in your final project.
+ AED 35
+ Podcast Audio Editing Service
Audio editing is available at an additional AED 35 for a 15 minutes podcast episode.

Want us to edit? Mention when booking!
+ AED 35
Space Rental - Rehearsal

The rental of our studio space for rehearsal purposes is the perfect place for bands and musicians as our studio is acoustically treated and fully soundproofed. 

This package gives you access to all equipment needed for rehearsal.

  • Vocal Microphones: 1x Electrovoice re20, 4x shure sm57

  • Active Speakers: 2x dB Technologies Opera 512 DX 400 W, 1x dB Tecnologies Cromo+ 400 W

  • Analogue Audio Mixer: Soundcraft Signature 10 with digital effects

  • Drum Kit: Pearl Export Series with Pedal and Cymbals

  • Guitar Amps: Mesa Bogie Mark V 100 W amplifier with Mesa Boogie 4x12" speaker cabinet, Blackstar HT Soloist 60 combo amplifier

  • Accessories: Microphone, Guitar and Keyboard stands, Audio Cables and Power Extensions.

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AED 150/Hour
Record Acoustic Song

Produce a professional video with studio quality audio of the song of your choice whether it is a cover of your favorite tune or one of your original music with an acoustic guitar or a piano/keyboard or even a backing track.

This package includes:

  • Audio recording, editing and mixing of vocal plus one instrument

  • Video recording and editing

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AED 300
Record Voice-Over

Whether it is for a commercial, radio, television, film, documentary etc we’ve got you covered.

Even if you are not a professional voice-over actor … yet, this might be your opportunity to become one. Explore your talents, come and record your demo today.

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Record IVS & Phone Systems/On hold messages

Are you looking for a professional interactive voice recording for your organization? If yes, please press “1” (don’t press “1”, we’re just getting carried away…

pretending to be an IVR). Call us now to discuss your requirements. The price of this service will depend on a number of factors such as duration and languages needed. This service can be provided in both Arabic and English.

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Record Anything!

A song or an album, band or solo, regardless of the flow, fast or slow, pitched high or low, noob or pro. We’re just dropping rhymes for the description, we can pretty much accommodate any of your recording needs.

This package includes the supervision of a professional audio engineer who will assist you through out the recording process. Editing, mixing and mastering are NOT included. We Out *MIC DROP*


Click here to download our brochure to see a list of our equipment and recording facility

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Editing & Mixing

Audio mixing, like recording is a technical art and creative process that enhances the song.

In addition to the right acoustics and equipment it is essential to have the right sound dynamics that will add life and infuse emotions into your project. This process will also maximize clarity and balance for you to walk away with a top notch production.

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Mastering provides the final "gloss" for your project and insures your audio will sound its best on every system it's played on as well as internet and radio formats.

The process is part art and part science. Final adjustments are made to your project including equalization, compression, expansion, reverb, spacial imaging, volume, trimming, sequencing and spacing between tracks to provide our clients with professional formats for duplication and broadcast.

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